Vishwa Samudra Bio Energy Private Limited

Who We Are

About us

Vishwa Samudra Bio Energy Private Limited (“VSBEPL”) was incorporated in 2022, with an aim to manufacture bio-ethanol.

VSBEPL is subsidiary of Vishwa Samudra Holdings Private Limited, which is a multilateral business conglomerate headquartered in Hyderabad, India. A rapidly growing group with a strong presence in India, with over 25 companies that started its roots at the Krishnapatnam Port in India, also business interests in various countries like Singapore, UAE, France, Guyana, Maldives, Germany, etc., panning across various verticals-Infrastructure & Engineering, Construction, Logistic, Shipping Services, Manufacturing, Commodity Trading, Security Services, Port Operations, and Real Estate.         

VSBEPL is planning to setup a 200 KLPD grain-based ethanol plant along with a captive power generation plant and supply to Oil and Marketing Companies (OMCs) under the GoI Ethanol Blending Programme (EBP) or in the open market at near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

The Company will primarily produce bio-ethanol other by-products, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and dried distillers’ grains with soluble (DDGS), with the feedstock being broken/damaged rice or maize.

VSBEPL has selected a site at Survepalli (25 Kms from Nellore) due to following strategic advantages.

Feed Stock & Fuel:

  • Abundant Feed Stock (broken/damaged rice) and rice husk is available in Nellore district and the neighboring areas.
  • Around 300 rice mills are functioning in a vicinity of 50 km to 250 km.
    •     The main agricultural crop at these districts is paddy and partly Maize.
    •     Adequate raw material will be available within 50 km – 250 km of proposed project Site.
  • Krishnapatnam Port is very close for using imported coal, in case of shortage of rice husk.

Transportation Cost:

As the rice mills are within the distance of up to 500 km, it is noted that transportation cost is also low.

VSBEPL has already obtained all statutory clearances for setting up the Ethanol Plant. The financial closure is under progress and post financial closure project activities will commence. The Commercial Operation has been estimated to be in January 2025.